Deliberation of more proposals on Trade Union Act and Industrial Relations Act

IndustriALL Malaysia Council and Decent Work Working Group organised another round of consultation meeting on Trade Union Act and Industrial Relations Act at Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Since the submission of our proposals on Employment Act amendments in January 2019, we have been requesting Ministry of Human Resources to consult the coalition of 55 trade unions and NGOs in the law reform process.

Unfortunately, we were never given an opportunity to present our proposals and discuss with the ministry officials. A press conference was held to criticise the lack of transparency in the law reforms that handling by the ministry. We also handed over our memorandum to Members of Parliament from ruling and opposition parties, requesting our voice to be heard by the Parliamentary Caucus on Reform and Governance.

Yet, the disclosure of the ministry official during the labour law amendments briefing in Kuala Lumpur shows that Ministry of Human Resources has backtracked few key reforms such as 44 weekly working hours and 98 days paid maternity leave. All our 44 recommendations, such as abolishing the provision of contractor for labour and removing the salary cap, were fell on deaf ears.

The purpose of the consultation meeting is to re-strategise our movement in responding to the current challenge. We also discussed few more proposed amendments to Trade Union Act and Industrial Relations Act, we received some feedbacks after the consultation meeting on 13 January 2019.